What programming languages should a vocational student be taught?

Question by NewTeacher: What programming languages should a vocational student be taught?
This is a general (business/computer) program offered 9-12 (three to four year requirement). Students are learning basic computer features (IC3 certifications), Microsoft Office (MCAS certifications). I need to offer these students a year of programming. What do you think would be beneficial to help them get a taste from programming. These students will not have any prior computer programming knowledge. I do not want to scare them. Plus remember this is an inclusive classroom.

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Answer by jwong71091
Since this general computer program deals with business then you might want to consider teaching your students something like HTML, Visual Basic, Java and etc.

HTML is used in creating web pages and so your students might find it interesting and practical to create their own web pages and upload it to a web server

Visual Basic is a special version of the easy-to-use BASIC programming language and is a complete software development tool that makes the creation of sophisticated Windows programs quick, easy, and fun.

Visual Basic is a good beginning computer programming course for many reasons…for example your students can create Visual Basic applications to store and manage information in a database

So I also think Visual Basic would be something that your students would find to very useful and practical

You can also teach your students the Java programming language because it is a multi-platform language that is especially useful in networking.

Java is used on the web with Java applets and is also can be used to build cross-platform programs that stand alone.

Here are some good resources for learning these programming languages

HomeandLearn has many good tutorials for using Visual Basic Express, Java, Web Design and etc.

They also show you how to get free software for creating these programs

They also sell book versions of their tutorials

Visual Basic

Web Design


Inpics.net has many good tutorials…this tutorial shows you how to create a web page and upload it to a web server

Teach ICT has good tutorials for Web Design, Flash Animation, Photoshop, DreamWeaver, and Microsoft FrontPage:


HowStuffWorks has many tutorials for learning Java, C Programming and etc.

Video-animation.com has a good Java tutorial

There are many online forums for Java programming and etc…whenever you need advice or information for these programming languages then you should go to one of these forums because they are experts in these programming languages and they can really be helpful

Java forum

Various tutorials for HTML, Java, Visual Basic and etc.



h ttp://java.sun.com

YouTube has videos for learning almost any subject or topic

Java programming

Good luck and I hope that you and your students will find this information to be helpful!

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