What is an effective way to add noticeable HP/torque to my car?

Hi I have an 2.0L Lancer (non evolution) automatic and I want to add HP to my car. I already have a short-ram intake system and I have noticed a difference in the mid range. I already asked about adding an exhaust and people told me i woudnt see a difference but it would sound better. I want more than that. Someone said that the converter and O2 sensor will prevent the exhaust from adding more HP. So would the solution be to replace those with aftermarker parts? If so, how much are we talking about in price? I already know a turbo will add large ammounts of HP to my car but I wanted to look at other options first. Thanks
Well Im hoping to add about 50 or more. Maybe thats too high? I got the aftermarker intake already and I am postive I have at least 10 more than a stock engine so thats a start. I want fast pick up times though as the intake is mainly a mid range booster.

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