What can you do with languages as perl and java 2?

Question by Yann: What can you do with languages as perl and java 2?
I’ve got books about programming but I havent really read any yet.
Ive got a books about : Perl, java 2, c, c++, asm, html and xhtml. I wanna be a programmer. How can each one of these languages help me? What can u do with each one of them?

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Answer by zgraf
Perl = a scripting language.
Java = A general programming language.
C = Older programming language, rarely used any more.
C++ = newer than C, but kind of on the way out. C# is more fashionable these days.
ASM = assembly language. Only useful for small programming tasks where speed is critical.
HTML = a language for writing web pages.
XHTML = like HTML but more sophisticated.

If you want to write real world programs, from the languages you mention, I might suggest you start with either Java or C++. And expect a big learning curve for any language you start working with.
You will need to spend a lot of time and effort and write a lot of programs before you can get any good. No offense intended — that’s just the way it is. Good luck!

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