What are the major reasons for selecting a mac over a pc?

Question by Terry A: What are the major reasons for selecting a mac over a pc?
Recent hs graduate is looking at mac laptop computers. What are the major reasons for selecting a mac over a pc? Is there a particular model of mac that is better for college work? How much ram and hd are suggested for long term use? Any other assistance / information would be appreciated as we have NO mac experience. Thanks!

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Answer by blamay22000
There are none however there are a ton of reasons not to. It doesnt get any more honest and truthful than below.

Back in the day (the early 70s), the first home computers became available to the public. There were Ataris, Apples, Commodores, Radio Shack Tandys, etc. No ones software would run on any of them as the architecture was different on every one of them. You had to buy software for your PC from the company that manufactured it. This quickly became a problem for the upcoming software market. A consortium was held and everyone decided to make their systems compatible so the software market could blossom. Everyone EXCEPT Apple. Apple went on their own way with their proprietary system that would run nothing anyone else programmed. You had to buy most of your software from Apple. Apple applied this philosophy for 35 years. In that 35 years, they only cornered never more than 5 percent of the computer buying market. In the last year, Apple has introduced a new system that uses intel chipsets. The reason plain and simple? Apple was going down the tubes. Their fix? Make their computers more compatible with the burgeoning computer market. Unfortunately, you buy their already overrated, overpriced, incompatible Mac and then spend money to convert it to run windows. What they DONT tell you? That a good lot of software STILL wont run on it simply because you cant upgrade it to run the latest software. You want to upgrade a Mac? You buy a new Mac! EVERY other PC manufacturer is compatible with the 3rd party hardware manufacturers, Mac, no way! The PC hardware market itself makes for competitive prices. This in turn creates lower prices for the computer buying market. Apple? They STILL dont come close. I’ve been in the business since it started, I spent my life programming machines with windows software. I could write a bible on what doesnt run on a mac that runs on windows! The measure of a computers power is what it CAN run and Apple doesnt come close to hi end, engineering software. The myth that Apple is better in the creativity field is a joke too. For every Mac application, I can show you a half dozen for PCs that are the same or better.

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