Beginning Perl

Beginning Perl This is a book for those of us who believed that we didn’t need to learn Perl, and now we know it is more ubiquitous than ever. Perl is extremely flexible and powerful, and it isn’t afraid of Web 2.0 or the cloud. Originally touted as the duct tape of the Internet, Perl

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Perl Mongers

Perl Mongers Image by Theory The Vancouver Perl Mongers were kind enough to organize a little get-together for my visit. It was hosted by Gossamer Threads, who also provided the beer and a delicious barbecue. Thanks!

Perl Hackathon

Perl Hackathon Image by Maddingue Jonathan Worthington montre la liste des projets Perl qui ont bénéficié du hackathon qui a lieu mi-novembre à Chicago, USA.

Mastering Algorithms with Perl

Mastering Algorithms with Perl Many programmers would love to use Perl for projects that involve heavy lifting, but miss the many traditional algorithms that textbooks teach for other languages. Computer scientists have identified many techniques that a wide range of programs need, such as: Fuzzy pattern matching for text (identify misspellings!) Finding correlations in data

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Perl, Bud

Perl, Bud Image by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives Catalog #: 02-P-00190 Last Name: Perl First Name: Bud Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive