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Great Linux Games | LAS | s18e01

Linux isn’t known for gaming, today we change that forever! We’ve got a batch of games that will keep you fragging for hours! Then – We load you up on the details for the next Ubuntu release and the Gnome 3 outburst heard around the world! All this week on, The Linux Action Show! Show

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Great Ashby District Park was secured

Great Ashby District Park was secured Image by anemoneprojectors Secured with huge piles of stones and bricks. Two of them, blocking the entrances, as well as the gates now being locked. My concern is for emergency vehicles. Also I used to cycle through, but now I can’t. It’s hard enough to walk through that way

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Oracle To Dynamics Gp Great Plains Integration Notes

If you work for large organization, which has independent subsidiaries and branches, running various ERP and accounting systems: Microsoft Dynamics GP, SAP Business One for example, and in the headquarters you have custom Oracle database application deployed (CRM, Sales Order Processing, EDI, eCommerce web site, Warehouse Management, Quality Control, etc.), then you might be interested

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