Liverpool midfielder Stefan Bajčetić has recently given an update on his recovery from injury. The young player had an impressive breakthrough season for Jürgen Klopp's side last year, making 19 appearances across all competitions.

Unfortunately, his campaign was cut short in March due to an adductor injury. After a period of rehabilitation, Bajčetić returned to full fitness at the beginning of the new season and even made two appearances as a right-back in September. However, he has since suffered another setback, which has kept him out of Liverpool's strong start to the season.

In an interview with Liverpool's official club website, Bajčetić shared the challenges of watching his teammates train on the field while he continues his recovery in the gym. He expressed his frustration, saying: "You can't stop thinking about what I would have done in that moment, I could obviously be doing that. So it's obviously tough. It's just getting to the gym and counting the days until going back."

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Bajčetić joined Liverpool at the age of 16 from Spain and has already shown great mental strength. Despite experiencing a similar adductor issue earlier in his career, he admitted to initially denying the severity of his injury last season because of the success he was enjoying with the team.

He explained: "Because I had the same injury before but in the other side, when I was getting the pain, I kind of thought about that, it was going to be the same. But in my mind it was like, 'it can't be the same, I need to keep playing'."

However, after undergoing a scan, Bajčetić received difficult news. He recalled: "Scans are very cruel they always show something. I remember I was at home, they rang me and they told me, 'you have a stress response'. Obviously, it was a tough moment but I kind of took it well, I think. I took it as an opportunity to get stronger, improve in some bits. I just tried to stay positive mentally." says: Bajčetić is a top talent but Liverpool will have to be patient with his return. He will not be playing again until 2024 as he gets over the latest issues and the Reds will have to ease him back in even when he is fit.


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