SEO Reseller Plans ? Referral vs. Private Label Why is it so hard to find a good SEO Reseller Plan! Help!

SEO Reseller Plans ? Referral vs. Private Label Why is it so hard to find a good SEO Reseller Plan! Help!

SEO Reseller Plans – Referral vs. Private Label Why is it so hard to find a good SEO Reseller Plan! Help!

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Home Page > Internet > SEO > SEO Reseller Plans – Referral vs. Private Label Why is it so hard to find a good SEO Reseller Plan! Help!

SEO Reseller Plans – Referral vs. Private Label Why is it so hard to find a good SEO Reseller Plan! Help!

Posted: Oct 06, 2009 |Comments: 0
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SEO Reseller Firms offer an ever-increasing number of SEO reseller plans.  At times, all of the different SEO Reseller advertisements can be difficult to sort through.  With affiliate programs and commission based structures to white label and private label SEO Reseller Plans, researching through them and choosing the most profitable one can be a huge pain and leave you smashing your head against the wall.  Let’s face it, finding a good SEO Reseller firm is a real nightmare!  This guide will help in your search to find a quality SEO Reseller plan that fits your company’s needs.

Affiliate SEO Reseller Plan

These are typically associated with an existing RETAIL SEO Firm that offers a sort of financial kickback or commission structure for referrals sent to them.  These SEO Firms market to Web Designers and other marketing firms who have clients that need marketing online and cannot offer the service themselves.  

Most of the time, the commissions gained are small (10-15%) but the work involved with earning the commission stops at the referral.  In this SEO Reseller Plan example, the Web Development Firm finishes the web build with a SEO friendly website and refers the client to the SEO Firm.

The Web Development Firm must attach their name and reputation to the SEO Reseller Firm during the transition from development to marketing.  This risk is considered relatively high and the profit margin is considered low.  At times, depending on the SEO Firm, the client does not get the sense of personal service they may have had with their Web Development team.  Additionally the marketing company you referred them to now owns them as a marketing client… you no longer retain the client.  The largest difference in affiliate SEO reseller plans vs. a private label SEO reseller plan is that with a private label SEO reseller plan you retain your client and keep them under your company name.  

Technically….SEO reseller plans that involve an affiliate program are not even SEO reseller plans.  They are affiliate and referral SEO plans that call themselves SEO reseller plans because there are more people looking for the terminology ‘SEO Reseller Plan’… tricky, tricky.  

White Label/Private Label SEO Reseller Plans

SEO Reseller Firms should offer a private label service for those wishing to start selling SEO or for those who already sell SEO and are looking for an outsourced back end.  In this business structure, the Reseller offers SEO Services as their own service and the SEO Reseller Provider takes care of all the work involved from keyword research to getting rankings.

Typically, the profit is higher with this SEO Reseller Plan because it does not pay on a percentage structure.  When you work with a private label SEO reseller you should pay them an understood rate and price your client at WHATEVER PRICE YOU WANT.  Paying wholesale rates to a SEO Reseller Provider is easy to understand and keeps your clients under your company name.  Expect a certain amount of customer service to be required by your sales team, but expect the profits to be high.  If the white label SEO Reseller Plan has sales integration and is willing, learn all you can from them regarding their methodology for SEO.

Regardless of which SEO Reseller Plan you chose, make sure your SEO methodology aligns with your SEO Reseller Provider.  Make sure you have a dedicated campaign manager that is available at your disposal for residual training and reseller customer service.  Find a SEO Reseller Provider that has SEO Experts writing your proposals (preferably free) that include keyword research and work detail.  If their procedures do not make sense, then ask a ton of questions, and if you get bogus answers, then find a new provider.  For instance if you are having trouble with a campaigns ranking and you ask your campaign manager, “Why are my rankings hurting so much?” and they answer with, “There is a large Google shuffle going on and this is out of our hands.”… Then you need a provider that prepares for the Google shuffle before it happens.  There is always an answer and with many of these companies you have to stay on top of them or you will be taken advantage of.

Make sure your SEO Reseller Provider’s business structure, reporting system and analytics systems are solid.  Always ask for examples.  You can learn a lot from picking up the phone and quizzing them on all your questions.  The best SEO Reseller Plans will be clearly explained on the SEO Reseller Provider’s website and they should always be available for additional questions.  Make sure the SEO Reseller Provider has a solid understanding of SEO sales and will be there for support for the whole life cycle of a SEO campaign from sales to rankings.

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Man Ray
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If you need consulting on this industry and want to talk to a USA company that can educate you on how to find the best SEO Reseller Provider… then call the best at 323-203-0217 or visit us at and put our wits and knowledge to the test!

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