Please tell me the negative points of unlimited hosting plans?

Question by giridharanbtech: Please tell me the negative points of unlimited hosting plans?
Friends, i’m going to host a website. I choosed the site also. So i don’t want any advertisements about hosting plans. Please just tell me what are the drawbacks if i choose the unlimited plan. They say unlimited disk space and bandwidth. but how it is possible in cheap price? will they delete my files in the future.? Can i upload many files to my site as much as i can? please i’m very confused…

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Answer by just “JR”
“Unlimited” is what is said. What they really do is “overselling” their equipment: Say they are capable of hosting 500 sites at 1Gb each. On average, their users only use 1/2Gb. So, they continue to sell until they reach 1000 users. That is 500 users at risk of being “clogged down”, since if only one user, suddenly, uploads 2Gb, they are over quota (with the numerous problems it intails).
Others give you unlimited space/bandwidth, but THEY are still limited by their own connection to the net. Should ONE user goes over the top, the servers go down…

So: choose a more honnest host that tells you your limits. If you exceed these, then you pay a little bit more! At least, you are secure!
(See, “articles”, “Overselling hosting”, early next week for more details)

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