Ping-Eee OS 11.04 Review – Linux Distro Reviews

A review of the netbook edition of Pinguy OS known as Ping-Eee OS. Overall, a killer netbook/laptop distro, taking the excellent Pinguy OS and adapting it to provide a rounded yet elegant operating system for the netbook and laptop. Definitely recommended. ==Quick stats== -Based on Ubuntu 11.04 and Pinguy OS -Kernel 2.6.38 -Downgraded Compiz for better performance and less bugs -Gnome 2.32 -Best of the breed apps; fully functional out of the box -Fantastic power management -Most of the custom tweaks from Pinguy OS ===Benchmarks (not super serious)=== Boot speed on Dell Studio 1737 (Core 2 T6600; 4GB Ram; External HDD): 25 seconds GDM Login speed: 8 seconds Firefox 5 cold launch speed: 4 seconds Nautilus Elementary cold launch speed: 1-2 seconds

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