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Perl Development

Perl Development

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Perl Development

Posted: Apr 02, 2008 |Comments: 0


Perl is the most powerful language available to the computer programmers.Perl programming development is being used for many applications in the market. It is needed for developing complex projects for critical businesses. Practical Extraction and Report Language can be used for writing procedural as well as objected oriented languages. It adopts the agile features of C, AWK, Shell scripting, SED and LISP. Although, the language has compatibility features across the cross platform but it is more treated one of the best language on UNIX platform. Now we have the latest version, Perl 5.10 with many distinctive features. The most usable versions now in the market are its 5.8x and 5.8.8 for perl development projects.

Perl developers specialize in the following areas:

• Product Application Design.

• Application Development.

• Application Maintenance.

• Perl Module Development.


• Common Gateway Interface scripts.

• Networking Programming.

• GUI development.

• System administration application.

• Data Manipulation and Transformation.

This language is one of the powerful web development languages along with Python and PHP. It is being treated as multipurpose programming language. Besides its distinctive features, it has some unique features like automatic memory management, built-in-text processing and ability to manage large volume of data sets. It has got a global support from CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) which made it a critical solver for critical web application development. Offshore provider offers clients with dedicated team with extensive experience in handling overseas software application development projects. Client can expect the following offshore service from the Perl consultant:

• 50 % to 60 % cut off overhead costs.

• Flexible working time in according to the client’s convenient timings.

• Get quality work like client’s on-site standard of quality.

• Clients have an option to adjust team’s schedule as their needs.

• Accessing pools of experts available in the market.

• Clients can interview dedicated professionals suited for their critical projects.

• Delivery of trail sample task based on the project, if any requirement.

• Control over the resources and development processes by the clients.

• Sending regular status report on the project to the clients.

• Flexible to alter the speed up the application development process, when required.

• Easy communication using voice, Instant Messaging and telephonic way.

• Protection of client’s intellectual property.

• Assistance of dedicated project manager.

• Highly experienced technical experts to solve your technical aspects in the projects.

• Cam view of the offshore work environment.

• Help desk support on 24/7 hrs.

• Staff is ready to visit client’s place, when required.

• Well Testing services before handover the project.

• Guarantee to assist the product after completion of the project for one or more than a year.

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About the Author:

The writer is well experienced in providing consulting and staffing services related to web application development works. Having extensive experience in web application development project with using various web tools, the writer is looking for other opportunities to offer enhanced solution within stipulated time. For more information, you can log on to:

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