New Jersey Devils v New York Islanders: Sport prediction picks and betting tips

Location: Newark, NJ, Prudential Center
Upcoming Information:NHL 03.11.2018
Competition: New Jersey Devils vs New York Islanders live

When/Date: 03.11.2018
Time: 7:00 pm
Prediction on New Jersey Devils v New York Islanders: Available


Probability of winning

New Jersey 39.3%Draw 23.83%NY Islanders 36.87%


New Jersey Devils AND New York Islanders LAST MATCHES

Last Teams Results

01.11.18 New York Islanders – Pittsburgh Penguins – 3:2 penalties
30.10.18 Pittsburgh Penguins – New York Islanders – 3:6
28.10.18 Carolina Hurricanes – New York Islanders – 1:2
27.10.18 Philadelphia Flyers – New York Islanders – 1:6
24.10.18 New York Islanders – Florida Panthers – 2:3 OT
01.11.18 Detroit Red Wings – New Jersey Devils – 4:3
30.10.18 Tampa Bay Lightning – New Jersey Devils – 8:3
27.10.18 New Jersey Devils – Florida Panthers – 3:2
25.10.18 New Jersey Devils – Nashville Predators – 3:4 OT
20.10.18 Philadelphia Flyers – New Jersey Devils – 5:2


NHL Standings

Western Conference

1Nashville Predators13910346:3020
2Winnipeg Jets13711439:3417
3Calgary Flames14621547:4717
4Minnesota Wild12522335:3516
5Colorado Avalanche13702446:3316
6Vancouver Canucks14530640:4416
7Edmonton Oilers12431436:3415
8San Jose Sharks13423442:4015
9Chicago Blackhawks14333543:5115
10Dallas Stars12700536:3114
11Anaheim Ducks14413634:4013
12Arizona Coyotes11510531:2112
13St. Louis Blues11403441:4211
14Vegas Golden Knights13321730:3911
15Los Angeles Kings12301824:447

Eastern Conference

1Tampa Bay Lightning12711342:3417
2Boston Bruins12702337:2916
3Montreal Canadiens12612340:3316
4Toronto Maple Leafs13620543:3916
5Pittsburgh Penguins11423245:3515
6New York Islanders12521439:3015
7Columbus Blue Jackets12520543:4414
8Buffalo Sabres13602533:3914
9Carolina Hurricanes12421536:3413
10Washington Capitals11322443:4312
11Ottawa Senators12412540:4612
12Philadelphia Flyers13510740:5012
13New Jersey Devils10501434:3211
14New York Rangers13141735:4311
15Detroit Red Wings13312734:4910
16Florida Panthers10023530:397

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