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Mac Lcd

Posted: Aug 04, 2009 |Comments: 0


Mac Lcd Repair – When your screen goes dark, or a crack puts your laptop out of business, we know what a headache it can be getting a quick repair completed by a source you can trust. Like you, thoughts of being without our Macs for an extended time period is downright scary. The good news is that we only need your Mac for 24-hours (Monday – Friday) to install a brand new LCD screen and with our nationwide overnight courier service, you’ll have your Mac back before you know it. In addition to the fast turnaround time, we provide you with our exclusive 1-year warranty on parts and labor. Quick & Easy with no Surprises – Our flat-rate LCD screen repair includes everything you need to get your trusty Mac back up and running as quickly as possible. Just add this item to your shopping cart and complete your order online, or call 1-888-64-Restore (888-647-3786) to schedule your repair via phone. Choose from our famous Overnight Door-to-Door pickup service, Local Drop-Off at any FedEx location near you or send your laptop to us on your own and get return overnight shipping back to you. Once we receive your Laptop, we will install a new replacement LCD screen within 24-hours (M-F) and then we’ll send your laptop back to you via Overnight courier. During the repair process, you’ll be provided with email updates and you can check your repair status online at anytime.

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How can we dismount the TV screen from the base stand for the Toshiba LCD TV Model 37XV635DB?
I’m looking for a megazoom camera with a flip lcd screen. GPS tagging would be nice to have, also. What do you recommend?
I have a laptop thats in excellent condition only thing is the lcd screen is cracked could i get cash for it

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Mac Laptop Screens

Why Choose TechRestore For Your Mac Service?A Trusted Source With A Proven Track Record


Aug 04, 2009

Mac Book Pro Service

Welcome to the world of complete repair service for your Mac book pro. We provide you all type of repair services for you Mac Book pro in very short period of time because we know it’s very difficult for you to live without it. In addition to our fastest services we give you the nationwide overnight courier service so that you can get your Mac back any time. We provide these beneficial services with our exclusive 1- year warranty on parts and labor.


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