Liverpool will know every chapter has to come to an end. Just over the past decade or so the club has had so many emotional farewells, saying goodbye to legends like Steven Gerrard, Luis Suárez and Fernando Torres. Legends who were all adored by the Kop. Now it feels like the Reds are on the verge of a similar goodbye for Mohamed Salah.

In an ideal world, Liverpool would keep Salah until his retirement. However, with the Reds operating as a business first and foremost, from a financial perspective allowing Salah to leave in the near future may make more fiscal sense.

Salah is 32 years old, set to enter the final year of his contract next summer, and there's heavy interest in him from very wealthy and ambitious Saudi Arabian teams. From a business point of view it would make sense to sell him.

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Liverpool is already building for the future, and at 31 years old, it's unknown how long Salah will be able to continue performing at the peak of his powers. It makes sense to sell him for big money next year and invest it into the future to build a stronger squad overall.

One of the players who has recently been heavily rumored to be of interest to Liverpool is Bayern Munich's Leroy Sané. According to the Daily Mirror, the club would consider breaking its transfer record to get him.

At first glance based on the social media reaction a lot of Liverpool fans have been deterred by the idea of Sané as Salah's replacement. However, while the German international has struggled with injuries in the past, he's missed only a handful of games in the last two seasons.

Almost four years younger than the Egyptian, Sané is just entering his peak years and he is in great form this season. Crucially, he is a player who could give Liverpool a new dimension and something that Jürgen Klopp's side has lacked lately in terms of going forward.

Back in Klopp's first exhilarating season in charge of the club during the 2017/18 campaign, Liverpool was ranked in fifth place for successful take-on percentage at 67.5 per cent in the Premier League as per FBref. However, that number has dropped considerably over the years, and now Liverpool is currently ranked seventh from bottom in the league, managing only 44 per cent successful take-ons this season.

Liverpool transfer Leroy Sané
Leroy Sané could be an ideal transfer for Liverpool.

Take-ons and dribbles may be overlooked in football analytics but they are an increasingly important part of the game. Especially, for a team like Liverpool who often need the genius of one player to beat a couple of opposition defenders in order to create space and goal-scoring opportunities against deep-lying defenses.

Salah was once brilliant at doing this, performing at a high frequency. At the peak of his powers in the 2017/18 and 2018/19 Premier League campaigns he averaged 2.45 and 2.22 successful take-ons per 90 minutes. However, last season that number dropped to just 1.37 per 90 minutes and this season it's currently at only 1.05 per 90 minutes.

The missing link for Liverpool now is to find someone who can give the dimension which Salah once gave to Klopp's side. The kind of player who is well versed at taking on players and thrives in one vs one situations.

Right now, in European football, the best player in that metric is Sané. No one in Europe's top five leagues has made as many successful take-ons (36) as the Bayern Munich winger, which is why breaking Liverpool's transfer record for him might just make sense.