And breath.

Liverpool deserved that win, let nobody tell you otherwise. They were the better side and could have won by a taller margin. On another night, they win 3-0 and we all stay home happy. But they're on the wrong end of fine margins again and you're left with a gut-churning reality all night.

Simply, nothing can be done about them, they are the epitome of "one of them". Marginal offsides to borderline penalties. The point is they can go either way, they are that tight. But what isn't acceptable is the tunnel visioned nature of it.

You can spend time reviewing offsides and the location of offences but not what happened after or whether they were even in fact unfair challenges? Fabinho's decision should have added context of whether he actually won the ball and therefore the challenge was legal. It wasn't and Liverpool won, but once again it was messy and VAR is only serving to undermine clarity, the exact opposite of its purpose. Down off my soapbox, here's the podium:

Gold : Joe Gomez second-half

What you want out of a centre-back and more. Assured authoritative and above all, amending the things which weren't right in the first-half. You get the sense that Liverpool's backroom staff are doing a lot of work with Gomez at the break and giving him the information to lead the line.

He did that again tonight with aplomb. His stock is rising with every minute on the pitch. For Liverpool that can only be a good thing.

Silver: Mohamed Salah's disallowed goal

We ran a piece on recently celebrating Salah's 100 Liverpool goals with a top 20. I was late to give my answers but believed my personal favourite, his rolling of Harry Maguire against Leicester in 2017/18 would still be there, only to realise Joel had rightly taken it.

The point is that not only was me getting an upgraded version of that goal denied by the post, one of the most gorgeous touch and finishes the Kop will never see was also denied by a marginal offside call. He continues to be in prime form this season, the beauty of him not scoring in the last two will only making him angry to rectify in the next game.

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Bronze: The Mike Dean show

You wonder what got Mike Dean so distracted this evening? Was his penchant for the bright lights and the headline act so that he maybe expected a firework display akin to Liverpool's title celebration to accompany him onto the pitch?

Whatever it was, the referee certainly lost any sense of, well, sense. Blatant throw ins and corners give the other way, tackles missed, fouls let go and a new rule I liked which the United players were seemingly allowed to enforce when chasing the game: Wherever the ball goes out, you can pick another ball up and throw it from there, even if it's 15 yards further up the pitch.

That's all without the VAR penalty farce. Head on the game, Mike. You'll never not make it about you regardless.