Where are you right now?

I don't mean literally, I don't want to know your Saturday night habits as much as you don't want to know mine. But generally there seems to be two strands of thought after Liverpool's 4-3 win over Leeds United: That wasn't good enough and they got away with it. Or that was potentially one of the hardest Premier League tests in years and the strength of character of this team once again shone.

You'll be glad (or angry) to know that I'm in the latter category of once again being in awe of the sheer ability to find a way. And I'm also fully on board with that being probably the biggest potential banana skin since the champions went unbeaten in the league at home in April 2017. The Podium is back with the the standouts of a pulsating game, as well as our token accolade of who or what must do better, and there's plenty to get into:

Gold: Mohamed Salah

The Egyptian, in many ways, embodies this entire mentality around Liverpool now, being you cast it aside only to be reminded of its brilliance. Talk about who is in the frame for the golden boot has been conspicuously absent of Salah's name, but tonight he'll be back to being in everyone's fantasy football team as captain. He scored two penalties but looked Liverpool's sharpest tool overall. His second was a man not messing about this season. A deserved match-ball — golden boot anyone?

Silver: The Mentality Monsters

Think of all the times they have just found a way and add this to the list. After the game went 3-3 it could easily have petered out into a stalemate, physically I'm still not sure how it didn't. This team is so humble, to the point that it cannot function without at times dragging itself through the mire. But they never stop, and no matter what, deep down you can never write them off or fully doubt them. They showed again tonight exactly why they became champions of everything, and can do so again.

Bronze: Bielsa's Bucket

I want to know everything. Who looks after it, where it is stored when the team travels to aways and who knows exactly how the manager likes it to be positioned pre-game? Say what you like, Bielsa has no time for Liverpool's fancy cushioned dugout chairs. No, no, they're a trap — a lull of luxury that he simply won't fall for. Give him a bad back and a sore a--- over any of this Anfield witchcraft anyday. Fair play to him, it came in handy when they equalised and he nearly ended up wearing his cup of tea.

Must do Better: The Curtis Jones Sub

This seems harsh, but I had Jordan Henderson off for James Milner in my head all game. I thought it made perfect sense to start the captain — and the reason why was voice. Liverpool needed organisation and to remain sharply focused — which Henderson and Milner both give. When Jones entered it felt harsh, and while he grew perfectly well into the game it just felt like Milner's wise-head was the better bet. I could be being picky and irrational post game. If anything it's another massive step for the youngster and that is undoubtedly a big positive.