HP dubs Oracle ‘bitter antagonist’ in Itanic spat

HP dubs Oracle ‘bitter antagonist’ in Itanic spat
Anti-Hurd mentality HP vs Oracle Hindsight is always at least 20/20. But sometimes it is 20/15 or even 20/10. Maybe Hewlett-Packard should have bought the server and storage business from Sun Microsystems and argued to keep Solaris and let Oracle eat Java, which is what the company really wanted to get ahold of once it became clear that IBM was not going to buy Sun back in early 2010.…
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HP To Oracle: The Gloves Are Off
The two companies’ feud over Itanium is coming to a head with an HP lawsuit. Customers can only watch in disgust.
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Chess: San Diego keeps solo lead in Indonesian Age-group C’ships
Marie Antoinette San Diego made it four wins in a row to keep the solo lead in the girls 12 years old and under category in the 12th ASEAN+age-group chess championships at the Indoor Telaga Kramat Stadium here.
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