How would you feel about hosting a foreign exchange student in your home?

Question by Warren D: How would you feel about hosting a foreign exchange student in your home?
I am directing this question not only at Americans but at all nationalities who might read the question and have thoughts about the subject.

This year my family is hosting two students, one from Germany and one from Hong Kong, both girls. In the past we have hosted two boys from Germany, one boy from Korea, and one girl each from Germany and Hong Kong. This is our third full year to host, and we also hosted for a partial year.

Our son was a foreign exchange student in Germany for a year.

We have had exceptional kids to work with. The experiences have been incredible and we are connected to all of our past and present kids.

Would you consider hosting a child from a foreign land?
I’m not recruiting, although my wife is coordinating placements and trying to recruit families in our local area. (South Texas.)

I was just interested in seeing what sort of response I would get from the Yahoo! Answers community. I expected some people to respond as you have, and I also expected some to say “no way,” and others to simply be curious about the programs.

From experience I can tell you that if you like young people and enjoy interacting with other cultures it is an experience difficult to match other than by doing a lot of traveling on your own.

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Answer by Vincent
Yea I’d definitely consider doing that. It sounds fun, although I don’t think living with me would be the “American experience” they were probably looking for. Home, School, Work, and Sleep….

And hey if the female exchange students are hott, it wouldn’t hurt to have some eye candy around the house.

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