Do you know of a guide for building your own router with a pc and freebsd?

Question by fatboy: Do you know of a guide for building your own router with a pc and freebsd?
I’ve shopped around and read reviews. It doesn’t seem like anyone out there is producing anything that is really quality for SOHO. I read a blog where a guy said he had purchased 5 different routers in 5 months, each one quit working within 30 days. I have a linksys router now that I have to power cycle every three days and I don’t want to just spend more money on more junk; hence my decision to try and build my own device. I am very familiar with pc hardware and all of that. All I really know of freebsd though is that it’s UNIX and is supposedly very secure. What I need is a step by step tutorial on how to set things up on the software side so that I have the equivalent of a router/switch type device with DHCP, NAT and other useful protocols.

-Thanks in advance

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Answer by Tony S
Initial setup is pretty easy, just make sure your hardware has the 2 (or more) NICs already installed so that the automated setup recognizes both NICs.

FreeBSD is probably a little bit more challenging than Linux (but as you say has a better reputation for security), so “after setup” configuration and maintenance might be a bit more more. Depending on how secure you want to make the box, you might consider installing Webmin(I’ve included a link to the FreeBSD port for Webmin)

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