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A Practical Guide to UNIX for Mac OS X Users

A Practical Guide to UNIX for Mac OS X Users The Most Useful UNIX Guide for Mac OS X Users Ever, with Hundreds of High-Quality Examples! Beneath Mac OS® X’s stunning graphical user interface (GUI) is the most powerful operating system ever created: UNIX®. With unmatched clarity and insight, this book explains UNIX for the

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unix Image by sclopit Is there anything unix cannot do?

Unix Fashion In Japan

Unix Fashion In Japan Image by LonelyBob Love Beauty Unix (Isn’t it true? Unix is beautiful) Too bad it doesn’t say Linux. =) Photo taken in Japan.

Unix Ware!

Unix Ware! Image by alibash why "unix ware" exists here, i have no idea. There’s also a unix hair salon in yokohama….. though I’m pretty sure it evolved in parallel and is unrelated, this is like taking the slashdot "unix is cool" philosophy to a new level =P

Unix Creators at DEC PDP11

Unix Creators at DEC PDP11 Image by PanelSwitchman Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson at a pretty well maxed out DEC PDP11 computer and two Teletype model 33 terminals. See Unix’s timeline at: See Unix’s story at Bell Labs: See Unix’s evolution at: For those interested in telephone related uses of Unix see

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