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Perl, Bud

Perl, Bud Image by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives Catalog #: 02-P-00190 Last Name: Perl First Name: Bud Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive

Perl Mongers

Perl Mongers Image by DrBacchus Yesterday on the porch I noticed my Perl Mongers shirt reflected in my wine glass

Perl by Example (4th Edition)

Perl by Example (4th Edition) “I picked up a copy of JavaScript by Example over the weekend and wanted to thank you for putting out a book that makes JavaScript easy to understand. I’ve been a developer for several years now and JS has always been the “monster under the bed,” so to speak. Your

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Perl Image by elfsternberg A T-shirt given away to the first 10 people who bought the first edition of the Perl 5 manual at the University of Washington bookstore, back in 1996.

Perl Vogue Cover

Perl Vogue Cover Image by Dave Cross How the cover of Perl Vogue issue one might look. Based on a Creative Commons Licensed photo of Matt Trout by Aurynn Shaw.