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Terak Microcomputer

Terak Microcomputer Image by purpleslog Scraped from: I used one of these in honors CS302 Intro to Computer Programming (in Pascal) Fall 1984 at UW-Madison. We were the last bunch to do so. Another on FLickr: The Wikipedia: –> The Terak 8510/a is a desktop workstation with an LSI-11 compatible

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Bigger Bookcase

Bigger Bookcase Image by juhansonin I finally got a bigger bookcase for my office. I still have books on the floor and double stacked on the bottom row (and even books behind them)… time to start giving them away. For the basic library (many of the books shown here):

Novell Linux, Mac, PC

Novell Marketing Video for Linux playing on the popular Mac vs PC videos. What is Linux? See: Some points for Linux off the top of my head: – Free (as in speech). I have the freedom to tweak the system as I wish. – DRM Free – Superior method of software updates, installation –

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How to Make a Animated GIF from a Video Clip

*MOST RECENT UPDATE 6/12/10* This tutorial, if you can’t tell, is severely outdated. I will save you the frustration of trying to follow it by telling you to find another tutorial. There was annotations on it awhile ago, but youtube deleted them after attempting advertising… Sorry. *ANOTHER UPDATE–PLEASE READ* Many of you are having version

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90’s Commercials Vol. 14

These commercials aired on March 25th, 1994. 1. Coming up next… (With Penn Jillette from Penn & Teller) 2. Life Savers (Totally remember the reggae choir) 3. TV Spot for “Major League II” 4. 1-800-COLLECT (LOL Payphones) 5. Secret (With Denise Richards and Jared Leto) 6. Clothestime 7. Stand Up with Margaret Cho 8. Promo

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Promotional USB Drives

Learn more… Promotional USB Drives With computers becoming ubiquitous, promotional computer accessories are a fantastic medium to improve brand recall. Use cool computer accessories like promotional USB Drives to advertise your brand, as they are visible all the time. Promotional USB Drives are great advertising vehicles as not only can your logo be seen

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Metti al sicuro il tuo Notebook

Metti al sicuro il tuo Notebook Image by Domenico / Kiuz Goditi il tuo Notebook con Ubuntu, Linux for Human Beings. Foto di Domenico M. – Kiuz Immagine utilizzabile liberamente secondo la licenza d’uso impostata, leggere attentamente la licenza CC. Potete acquistare la versione completa e con una lincenza piĆ¹ permissiva a questo link.