Best Web Hosting Plan Selection Procedure for a Completely New to Internet

Best Web Hosting Plan Selection Procedure for a Completely New to Internet

Best Web Hosting Plan Selection Procedure for a Completely New to Internet

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Home Page > Internet > Web Hosting > Best Web Hosting Plan Selection Procedure for a Completely New to Internet

Best Web Hosting Plan Selection Procedure for a Completely New to Internet

Posted: Dec 13, 2010 |Comments: 0


Are you new to internet? Do you need to have a low cost web hosting service for your business, study, social activities or any other reason? Are you overwhelmed by all the technical issues and terms related to web hosting? Are you in disarray with that? If you are, I will try to walk you through the selection process, bypassing all the technical issues you are not familiar at the moment.

Good news is still you can pick a profitable, professional and one of the top web hosting companies for you among the thousands of web hosting services out there. Yes, it would be possible for you. Despite you have no technical knowledge on web hosting and despite you do not understand the meaning of any technical terms related to it.

If you want to pick a professional and low cost web hosting service for you, you have to know what to check for and how to check. You have to know your line of approach to the matter. You have to know how to check the quality of the service bypassing all the technical mumbo-jumbo.

Here I like to advise one thing very clear and very loud – take your time and do not hurry when you want to select a best web hosting plans for you. I repeat. Take your time and do not hurry. Do not hurry to select your hosting service if you are new at Internet. If you do, there will be every chance that you will be sorry after some time. You will be sorry when you will also be technically sound to web hosting issues like any other.

The first problem faced by an inexperienced to Internet is, they become confused when they land to the website of a hosting provider. Especially with so many flash banners, so many plans, offers and links! It is absolutely normal to become confused to an inexperienced eye.

You must overcome this if you want to pick the best web hosting plans for you. Only way you can do that is to allow you a considerable amount of time to your selection process. Do not hurry. Do not click the first link or banner catches your eyes. See through the web page top to bottom-left to right. What are there in the page? Be familiar with it. When you are satisfied that you have checked everything there are in the page, go forward and click a link of your choice. When you are in another page, start the process of familiarizing all over again.

But what especially you should look for? Here, we will discuss the line of approach step by step:

Determine your need of a Hosting Service

This is your first step, to determine why you need a hosting service. What is the purpose of your hosting? Do you want to start Internet Marketing? Do you want to upload your own social site or forum? Do you want to upload many websites? Determine what your plan around it including future plans is. Write it down. Yes, write it down in notepad or word pad. That will save you time and difficulties ahead in the selection of best web hosting plans. Many technical issues of hosting will be addressed satisfactorily if you take this step correctly.

Customer Support

When you are in the website of a top hosting company, the first thing you should check is the Customer Care. Check if it is supported by 24/7 live chat or not. This is absolutely necessary. No matter where you live and what time zone you belong to, you must have access to your hosting company customer care any time you need. That would ensure solution to any web and hosting problem you will face. Do not go for a hosting company without a 24/7 live chat support. It is as simple as that.

Ask Support of Your Hosting Service Need Trough Live Chat

I assume you already have written down your need and purpose of hosting in a notepad or word pad. Go ahead and open a chat with the customer care and send your requirement. You should open chat with customer care department not with technical, billing or any other departments there are. See what solution and suggestion they provide. Note down. Ask few extra question of your liking. Like their cost, discount or discount coupon etc.


Do not forget to check this when you are in live chat. You will get or not all the necessary video tutorials that will be necessary to use your hosting control panel after purchasing your hosting account. This is absolutely important. Without video tutorials it will be difficult for you to use your hosting account control panel and will take long time to learn all the technical issues you should know. With Video tutorials you can star all most immediately.

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Khondoker Islam
About the Author:

Try doing the same with a few web-hosting companies in the market and making your own hosting reviews report. Then compare their suggestions. This way you could compare their services without knowing technical issues like bandwidth requirement, etc. and still you will have enough bandwidth to meet your purpose from their suggestion. I am definite you can pick the best web host for you if you follow the process above. So, good luck to you.


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